Renee Seltzer

Renee Seltzer

CEO & Co-founder
Ellison Ellery Consulting

About this Speaker

Renee Seltzer has spent over 20 years helping companies grow their revenue.

She has been a VP of Marketing in-house (and every role leading up to a VP), and on the agency side and affiliate marketing side. 

She started Ellison Ellery Consulting over 13 years ago. She has worked with almost 250 businesses helping them get predictable leads and renveu.

You will not find a marketer with a larger breadth of experience in digital marketing. Outside of higher ed, Renee has worked with a usability testing start-up in San Francisco, massive lead generation websites in healthcare, and various other industries, including nutrition advocacy, travel, and SaaS. 

Renee is a cross-functional Marketing Executive with extensive experience crafting messaging, branding, storytelling, and digital marketing from lead nurturing to qualitative research, including buyer journey mapping and secret shopping.

She has created campaigns allowing businesses to develop authentic connections with prospective buyers using the channels that most resonate with students, including social media, email, SMS/MMS, call campaigns, influencer marketing, videos, and storytelling.

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